Salary: $175,000.00 - $190,000.00

Performs medical physics duties in all areas of the hospital with priority given to needed services in the Radiation Oncology Department.

Assists Radiation Oncology staff in the implementation of the approved treatment plan.

Collaborates with the Radiation Oncologist to determine treatment plan for patients receiving radiation


Validates accuracy of therapy treatments logged on weekly basis and at end of treatment period.

Records charges accurately for procedures performed and submits charge sheets to clerical support.

Interprets computer generated dosimetry information and presents this information to the Radiation


Assists in the maintenance and calibration of all radiographic equipment in the Radiation Oncology


Assists in the design and fabrication of special blocks, compensators, and molds as required.

Performs radiation performance surveys at other hospitals/clinics with approval of Program Director and

as assigned.


American Board of Radiology (ABR) or equivalent


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