Salary: €50K – €70K

Our project is designed to augment the performance of Devops and SRE teams, using cutting-edge ML techniques.

You will be working on highly scalable solutions and will solve complex problems including challenges like high availability, performance, optimization & automation.

You will use best-in-class services and technologies and will contribute to improve the technical stack.

You will be part of a small and high performing team, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with other teams working on machine learning, big data, product & marketing.

There are multiple thrilling projects waiting for you, in many different areas. Being able to apply the Devops mindset and the SRE methodologies in such different use cases, in our innovation-oriented company is a career changer.


  • Design and implement availability, scalability, and performance plans for the services environments
  • Continual re-evaluation of existing stack and infrastructure to maintain optimal performance, availability and security
  • Develop security capabilities and encourage adoption of security best practices and architecture changes throughout the company via evangelism and education
  • Take ownership of automating infrastructure deployment and configuration, lead the creation of CI/CD pipelines for applications, and develop CI/CD best practices across the team
  • Performing development, automation, and deployment assignments without close supervision
  • Providing application development and cloud technology leadership, guidance, and assistance to other team members


  • 5+ years of Linux experience including experience with shell scripting, networks, storage and release
  • 3+ years working with AWS
  • 2+ years working with Kubernetes
  • Experience working with and administering Elasticsearch
  • Experience working with and administering messaging services, like Kafka
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines
  • Strong understanding of the infrastructure as code and immutability principles
  • Experience with high traffic, distributed systems architectures and related tools (service discovery, config/secret management, etc.)
  • Great sense of algorithmic optimization and quality of code

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