Vice President of Marketing – Los Angeles, CA

Starting Salary: 210,000 to $250,000

Seeking a hands-on, eager, and proven VP of Marketing with a background in commercialization of products in the electronics manufacturing sector. Must have a proven track record in understanding industries (competition) and markets (customers), developing roadmaps, valuing projects, aiding in portfolio management and defining products successful in the market place. Must have demonstrated positive partnership with all functional areas including but not limited to engineering, sales, commercial marketing and operations. This director will have the responsibility, through partnership with others in the organization, to create the product plans that will take the firm into commercialization of its products.

Will work in collaboration with the Engineering to create clear, rationalized, practical and market-winning product plans.

The VP of Marketing will have the following responsibilities:

  • Understand the industry (competition) and the market (customers) for our technology and other potentially lucrative markets where the technology may be employed.
  • Through general market and industry research in addition to feedback from potential customers, evaluate the industry and the market for the technology as well as other applications.
  • As needed, also use market and industry research and feedback from potential customers to evaluate the value of the firm’s entry into other areas where our technology gives us a strong competitive advantage.
  • Create a Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) to describe in overview the industry (competition, substitutions, barriers, customer and vendor levels) and the market opportunities and for other business as identified.
  • Understand our capabilities, core competencies, and general advantages and weaknesses
  • Work with the leadership team as well as the Engineering to understand the capabilities and limitations of our technology.
  • Recommend products that are both technically achievable and viable in the market to build a business consistent with our goals.
  • Using your knowledge of the market combined with your knowledge of our capabilities and constraints, evaluate the probability of success of each product concept against:
    • Value proposition to the customer (need, cost, competition, etc)
    • Time to develop/time to market
    • Engineering or technical capability
  • Work with the Engineering to propose a Roadmap of possible products to achieve company and product goals.
  • Create short (1-2 page) descriptions of these products on the proposed roadmap including:
    • Feature overview
    • Target markets and financial potential
    • Rough timeline estimates
    • For those chosen projects/products, create full Product Requirements
    • Document(s) (PRDs) to describe product(s) that will win in the market place and be consistent with company goals.
  • Work with Commercial Marketing to create and execute launch plans
  • Aid in the strategy and roll-out for launch.
  • Leads a team and a coordinated go-to-market strategy on all initiatives to achieve maximum success, ensuring that marketing, content, product, partnerships, activations, and PR are all synced up seamlessly to new product launches. Oversees the day-to-day execution of go-to-market efforts
  • Aid in the creation of training materials and in the training program for installers and the sales force.
  • Nurture the relationship with key customers.
  • Give feedback to Engineering for next products
  • Use the learnings from each new product to improve the choices and process for follow-on products.
  • Brand narrative linked to product marketing initiatives
  • Manage website and optimization
  • Marketing budgets and invoicing

Required Experience:

Bachelor's degree plus 12-14 years of marketing & 8 + years of experience building and managing a marketing staff, working in a Hi-tech/media platform. Agency experience is a plus. Engineering or related field a plus. Must have hardware/consumer electronics experience.

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