Our Mission

HBL Search focuses on providing our clients with the best experience. This includes an unwavering commitment to a partnership that exceeds expectations every step of the way.

Our Understanding Of Your Needs

We understand the importance of identifying, developing and retaining a highly skilled, highly diversified and well experienced talent pool in your organization.

At HBL Search we CAN help you reduce the cost, time and effort in finding top notch professionals / executive talent through our talent market services.

HBL Search has a strong reputation in recruitment activities, both regionally and globally. With our search and selection credentials spanning different industries and functions, we are in the ideal position to provide superior recruiting services. 

HBL Search

We have the requisite experience necessary to partner with you on your most challenging searches. We use various search and recruitment techniques / processes to meet your recruiting needs in an optimal manner.

Using a variety of strategies and tactics we help you achieve better and more effective results by providing you with executive talent and professional hires with the right culture fit and experience requirements.

We provide you with the leaders you need to meet ongoing objectives, and provide the recruiting and screening services to ensure that every match we make is best for both you and the candidate.

Industry Focus

  • Healthcare
  • Advanced Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Consumer Product/retail
  • Bio-technology And Healthcare

Our Proposed Search Approach

  • Agree on positions to be filled.
  • Understand your organogram & reporting relationships.
  • Define candidate profile/selection criteria.
  • Define search maps / regions / population.
  • Confirm search approach.
  • Agree on deliverables and time schedules.
  • Select project team.
  • Agree to fees/resource requirements.